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Benefits of having a website

It allows you to be visible

It’s no secret that internet is the first place to look for anything you need – be it a service, product or information.

That’s why being easily accessible on the internet increases your chances of being found by the right person at the right time tremendously.

Moreover, it keeps you accessible to people who may not use social media.

It represents your brand

You don’t have to conform to what customization certain media allows you if you’re the one in control.

Take full control of how you present your brand starting from the colour scheme and fonts and down to the littlest details.

It gives you independence

If you rely on social media for representation, you’ll never know what the next step will be: a policy change, changes in design or a loss of popularity?

None of those things are a threat with your own website. You set your own rules here.

It has what you need, the way you need it

An e-commerce store? A blog? An online booking system? Or just a specific way to display information?

Whatever you need – your website can be your all-in-one tool, making it convenient for you and your clients.

It builds trust

Having a professional, good looking and easy-to-use website shows that you care about your business and your client’s experience.

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Why choose my services

Care for your needs

I always make sure to understand what are your needs and expectations for the project. You will never just get a generic product – instead, it’ll be researched and made specifically for YOU.

There to help and advise

Both during the development process and after the project is completed, I’ll be there to answer your questions and provid my best advice.

Space for flexibility

Not every project is, or should be the same. That’s why everything from workflow to what’s included in the final result and more can be adjusted to suit it best.

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My name’s Ema. I am a website developer since 2020, specializing WordPress website development.

My goal is to create the website you need above everything else.


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