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About me

My name’s Ema. I am a website developer since 2020, specializing in WordPress website development.

I’ve been interested in art and design for as long as I can remember, despite having a knack for programming. Now, I’m putting all that to good use.

Before graduating school, I knew that I would be pursuing a career in IT as it was something I felt naturally drawn to. After thinking it’d be programming for a while, in 2015, I started studying multimedia and computer design in university so I could involve my artistic side as well.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been constantly improving with every project. I am not afraid of taking on a challenge and am always open to try something new.

I’m under the opinion that having a good website and logo is crucial to just about any business or project and my goal is to make it available for everyone, even without a large budget or technical knowledge.



Bachelor’s of Information Technology, Vilnius Gediminas technical university, graduated in 2019.


I am based in Lithuania but am able to take on your projects WORDLWIDE.


Why work with me?

For me, working on any project is not just all about making it look pretty. I strive to help you on your journey and make it as easy as possible, thus, I pay extra attention usability and fulfilling a purpose.

I don’t just work to add an extra piece to my portfolio and it’s against my ethics to do anything with the intent of bloating the cost.

We’ll work together to figure out exactly what you need for your new website or logo to be both effective and cost-efficient.

It’s not a problem if you don’t have much technology or design knowledge. I’m going to explain the process, help out with any technical challenges and provide future assistance if needed.

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