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Representation of your business

A logo isn’t just a pretty picture sitting on your website. It is often the first thing representing your business or product to your audience. It’d be a lie to say that a good logo is just what will make you successful – but it’ll surely show that you care about what you do and help form a positive first impression.

That’s why I take extra effort to research and understand your needs and audience. After ordering a logo, you won’t receive a generic symbol drawn out in 10 minutes. You’ll receive a thought-out and creative product that’ll show just what your business is about.

Usability over trendiness

Ideally, your logo won’t need major changes for years to come, and, let’s be honest, trends come and go. That’s why I’m careful to consider if what’s trendy at the moment will look good in the future and make sure to put usability first.

Simple and creative

I specialize in logo design that is simple and creative, thus looking good in small sizes and being memorable.

100% vector

Vector format allows the logo to be expanded indefinitely at any point after creation without losing quality.

Original graphics

I don’t use any pre-made images in my logo design. Any graphic will be drawn specifically for your project.

Dark, light and in colour

I make at least 2 versions of the same logo: a dark and light one to look good depending on the background it’s used on. Most often, a colour version will also be included.

Main deliverables


Scalable vector graphics files. Can be expanded indefinitely without losing quality. Such files are often used in the web due to being small, expandable and fully interactive.


Raster files of your logo in transparent background and different sizes dependant on the main uses of your logo. Ready to be used without any hassle.


Representational files of your logo on fitting backgrounds.


An editable project file usable with any vector graphics software.


The logo turned into a square image, usually without the text. Often used as a favicon, app icon, etc.


An explanatory file containing the idea behind the logo, information on the fonts used, colour scheme and other.


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Logo pricing

Logo prices start from only


Logo vectorization

Do you still like your old logo, but only have poor quality raster images?

Are your graphics designers complaining about you not being able to provide vector files of your logo?

Or maybe you’d like a wider use for your logo, but the only current format you have doesn’t cut it?

Depending on the logo you have, I can offer you to redraw your logo in vector graphics (so it’d look almost exactly like the current logo you have), or recreate and adapt it (sometimes, changes have to be made to better fit the new format).

During the process, some alterations can also be requested – want it to be more modern, minimalistic, or just change an existing detail? Now’s the time to do it!

Logo vectorization prices start from only


Final price depends on the complexity of the project and modifications needed.

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